The following displayed artworks are located in Acland Street as part of the ART+CLIMATE = CHANGE 2017 festival that aims to address environmental issues through related arts and ideas.

Regenesis by Cave Urban.

It is a woven bamboo chamber that takes the shape of a seed pod or chrysalis. It is open at one end as if something important has already escaped. However ephemeral grumblings and songs emit from this mysterious pod. Sounds include earthquake, fire, wind, storms, birdsong, insects, human voices and industry.

Location | Acland Street Plaza

Cave Urban is an international design collective formed in 2010.

Thirst by DVATE.

It is a mural highlighting the perilous future of one of our most beloved animals—the koala. Koalas are directly affected by climate change because of rising CO2 levels in the animal’s food source, substantial decline of natural habitat because of human impact to the environment, and the overall effects of global warming. The word koala means ‘no drink’ in many Indigenous dialects. Other Indigenous names for this iconic animal are included in the mural alongside meanings for dryness, thirst and drought. Thirst depicts a koala symbolically eating the last remaining green eucalyptus leaf.

Location | Vineyard Restaurant (71a Acland Street)

Jimmy DVATE is a Melbourne-based artist and graphic designer whose position in the street art scene is well established and can be seen on walls, canvas and in magazines both locally and internationally. Jimmy’s work emphasizes endangered or threatened plants, birds and animals in order to raise awareness about conservation.

Regenesis by Cave Urban