Did you know that balloons and their attachments frequently escape and find their way into the environment, threatening wildlife and affecting our shoreline and waterways? Whether balloons are filled with helium or air, they are not an environmentally sustainable option. 

When planning your next celebration consider these colourful and sustainable options instead.  And don’t forget to always look for decorations or party favours that can be reused again and again.

Paper Lanterns. 

These are easy to find at party supply stores and can be reused countless times.  They can be strung up to create a colourful, celebratory effect.  These are great for outdoor events as they can be hung from trees and won’t pop.  After their use, they can be folded up and stored away to be used again and again. 

Paper Streamers & Decorations

There are so many paper options available for party decorations. Streamers, tissue paper flowers, garlands and banners to name a few.  Paper decorations can be hung to create a floating effect in a garden or can be used to decorate a table or room.  These paper decorations can be reused when treated with care and stored well.  

Flags, Kites and Windsocks

Outdoor parties can be given a burst of colour and movement with the use of flags, kites or windsocks.  These are usually anchored to the ground on sticks and move with the breeze.  As they are made of lightweight fabric they are ideal for reuse. 

Plan ahead when thinking of alternatives to balloons for your next party.  Think about how you can reuse decorations a number of times to make your special events fun and sustainable celebrations.