A program to develop a roof top community garden in a 1950's apartment block, run by group '38 Westbury Street', has won the Built Environment category in this year's Premier's Sustainability Awards.   

A committed and talented group of St Kilda East residents formed to turn their 1950’s apartment building walk-on rooftop from a wasted urban space into a stunning green roof. The new retrofitted garden and leisure space offers not only a sanctuary for the residents but simple sustainable solutions to assist with water management, resource efficiency and energy savings.

The green roof reduces storm water run-off, retains rainwater in the substrate and increases the quality of water run-off whilst reducing flash flooding. It absorbs heat and provides insulation - lowering energy bills, it also absorbs sound pollution and traps the distribution of pollutants, increases plant life to encourage biodiversity and reconnects people to nature - now a space where children play, adults’ barbeque and friends entertain.

They have transformed their apartment building roof top into a stunning green upstairs backyard - bringing functionality, sustainability, nature and community together.

If you live in an apartment and would like help retrofitting a Green Roof please ask.