Three ways to get involved
  • Host a Living Water Workbee
  • Volunteer to protect our Bay
  • Register to earn a rain tank / raingarden at your home, school or business

To find out more go to our project website or send Reiko and Neil an email!

What is the Living Water project?

Living Water cares for Port Phillip Bay and protects its catchments from run-off impacts through

  • mobilising volunteers to Living Water Workbees
  • providing people power for on-ground projects that protect biodiversity, remove litter, and improve water quality
  • translating volunteer hours into Living Water Rebates
  • installing/activating infrastructure at up to 20 sites to divert, filter and recycle rainwater and stormwater across public-private boundaries
  • improving public understanding of two catchment areas and their flow-on effects to the Bay
  • engaging Traditional Owners to present cultural knowledge about water connections and stewardship

This project builds genuine partnerships for biodiversity protection, water quality improvements, burbs-to-Bay connection, and infrastructure for property 'behind gates' to play a perpetual role in protecting our public Bay. PJT Green Plumbing confirms that up to 50% of Melbourne schools have tanks that are not used for irrigation or plumbed to toilets; this project will activate such tanks (and install new ones) to protect our waters in both drought and floods.

Port Phillip EcoCentre (PPEC) and Werribee Riverkeeper Association (WRivA) designed this project to extend a proven model for integrated catchment management, based on the strengths of our independently-evaluated 'Well Waters Workbees: Elster Creek Pilot' that made award-winning impacts over 15 months (2015-2016).

This project is funded by the Victorian Government from 2017-2020 through the Port Phillip Bay Fund. 

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