Car Park Lighting Replacement to LED Technology


The Marine apartments replaced their car park lighting from T8 fluorescenttubes to LED lights with individual motion sensors.

The project involved: 

  • Research for best suitable LED technology 
  • Funding negotiations with supplier
  • Two stage installation process of LED lights and removal of all T8 fluorescent lights taking 6 days 
  • VEET Certification 


  • Annual CO2 Savings: ~68 tCO2-e = ~18 cars off the road
  • Cost Savings: 85% to 90%, $12,000
  • Maintenance savings: ~$1500
  • Total Project Cost: $30,000
  • ROI: < 2.5 years
  • Received VEET rebate
  • Project supported next energy saving project
  • Improved light levels
  • No safety issues

OC Contact: James Rodrigo

City of Port Phillip Contact: Verity McLucas



James Rodrigo
















James Rodrigo