Calling all apartment owners and managers


Do you own or manage an apartment building within the City of Port Phillip?

City of Port Phillip is launching a new program for apartment buildings to help improve their efficiency and sustainability whilst reducing their operating costs.

The Council is offering a free sustainability assessment for 10 apartment buildings within the City of Port Phillip if they sign up for the program. The assessment identifies potential sustainability improvements and illustrates the cost savings that can be achieved.

The Smart Solutions for Apartments Program will support them to improve energy efficiency, access renewable energy and reduce water and waste, within the apartment building. The program also aims to reduce the operating costs of the apartment building.

For further information about the Smart Solutions for Apartments Program and to apply please send an email to

or phone 03 9209 6775. We’d love to hear from you.    Deadline for applications: 28 February 2018


This South Melbourne apartment building incorporated sustainable design to increase energy efficiency, reduce waste and manage water wisely.