Some terrific ideas to keep in mind while shopping.  Content provided by 

Top Tips: What you need to take

  • Take your own containers for deli and butcher items (it's a good idea to tell them first why you are doing it so they don't then put your container in a plastic bag!). Be brave, the first time is the hardest.
  • Take a bread bag or tea towel for fresh bread (check out how to make your own bread bag at (Gippsland Unwrapped).
  • Take your own reusable shopping and produce bags. you can make your own (check out how to make your own produce bags). They are also available to purchase from Onya, Esty, and other businesses.
Top Tips: At the shops
  • Ask the butcher / deli / fishmonger to wrap meats straight in paper if you don't have your own containers.
  • Buy fresh bread in paper bags (if you don't have your own bread bag).
  • Buy fresh vegetables (some stores and co-ops deliver boxes of fruit and veges).
  • Buy nuts, dried fruit, flour, legumes, coffee, rice, oats etc from bulk bins.
  • Choose items in glass.
  • Choose wine with natural corks.
  • Give up chewing gum (read about plastic in chewing gum at My Plastic Life).
  • Shop at your local farmers market.
  • Consider buying commonly used items such as oats, flour and rice in bulk and share with friends (bag sizes usually range in size from 5-25kg and come in calico or reinforced paper bags).