Once the site of a swamp (wetland) and now subject to periodic flooding, the bayside suburb of Elwood, in Melbourne’s south-east, has always been shaped by the waters that run over, around and under it.

Focussing on Elwood as a case study, and then expanding to explore the Elster Creek catchment and the related terrains of the Victorian Southern Lowlands, Swamped is a multi-disciplinary exhibition that speculates on the impacts that climate change and rapid urbanisation may have on these types of environments, and the possible futures that can be imagined for them. As sea levels rise, and storm surges and drought threaten, Swamped asks: what will happen to Elwood?

Featuring urban design proposals for Elwood, studies of other similar wetlands, and interactive modelling, Swamped is an exhibition that ultimately asks us to rethink the way a city is conceived; defined not by traditional markers of politics or economics, but by the water that trickles through it.

WHEN: 22 June – 7 July 2016 (Opening Wednesday 22nd June 5:30-7.00pm)

WHERE: MADA Gallery, Building G, Ground Floor, 900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield East 


MORE INFO: artdes.monash.edu/gallery