Potable water, including the water that is piped to most homes or used for agriculture and manufacturing, is part of the 2% of total global water available and fit for human use. Australia is the second-driest continent on Earth (after Antarctica). Wise use of water is essential if we are to conserve Australia's precious water resources, particularly with ongoing drought conditions and anticipated climate change.

The average Port Phillip resident currently uses about 65 kilolitres per year, or about 178 litres of water per day. This is about 14.5% less than the amount of water we were using at home in 2001-a terrific community response to reducing water availability and the continuing drought. The average Australian, however, still uses about 25% more water at home per year than the average European. At the same time, water availability in Melbourne has dropped by over 12% in the last 12 years and we can do much more to become water wise.

This section provides information, practical solutions and case studies about all aspects of wise water use, from being water-efficient and re-using rainwater and greywater, to building a raingarden to improve the quality of stormwater running to the bay. You can also calculate your water use and find strategies that you can implement today to save water!

You can find the City of Port Phillip's Water Plan here.