Janita Ryan—Skating on Thin Ice

Skating on Thin Ice arose from Janita Ryan’s experience of walking her dog on St Kilda beach among fish-shaped sushi soya bottles that littered the sand. Ryan went on to examine our impact on the environment and whether or not this plastic waste makes its way to the Arctic Circle and its fragile ecosystem.

Carol Swain—Traces of MemoryTraces of Memory developed from Carol Swain’s walks in her local area of St Kilda. Abstract forms, shapes, textures and colours connect memory and feeling with Swain’s responses to the world around her.

WHEN: Wednesday 7 June- 5 July 

WHERE: The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall 


Please join the artists for the opening celebrations in The Gallery, St Kilda Town Hall on Thursday 8 June 2017 from 6–8pm

Carol Swain—Traces of Memory