The Growing Green Guide is a free, comprehensive and practical guide to the construction of green walls, roofs and facades, funded by government, industry and universities in response to changing climate.

The guide: 

  • Explains what green roofs, walls and facades are, why they are important and the potential benefits of these systems for Melbourne and Victoria. It also provides answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Provides technical advice on the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs, walls and facades.
  • Highlights several existing green roofs, walls and facades in Melbourne and Victoria, as case studies. Each example provides a description of the project, its design and components used, maintenance, cost and results and reflections.

The Growing Green Guide is available here.

The guide was developed with advice from industry experts and knowledge from academic research, and is targeted at projects based in Melbourne and Victoria, Australia, but is also largely relevant for a wider geographic area.

It is written for professionals who may be involved in the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs, walls and/or facades. It is also relevant to developers, homeowners, and local and state governments.

The guide was a joint initiative of the University of Melbourne and the Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) with the cities of Melbourne, Yarra, Stonnington and Port Phillip and was released in February 2014. It won the Premier's Sustainability Award in 2015 in the Education category. 

The City of Port Phillip is committed to significantly increasing the percentage of buildings and facilities in the municipality that incorporate sustainable design princicples (Toward Zero strategy).